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Mosques are the most sacred places of worship. Mosques, the most important shrine of Muslims, stand out as the places where millions of Muslims gather each day to worship. These areas, which are sacred, are special in every aspect. All the works performed in the mosques which have different architecture as of the construction are carried out as different and elaborate than usual. Different and modern designs are preferred in the interior designs of the mosques, which are constructed quite differently from normal structures.


There are differences in the doors of mosques which are used in accordance with the architecture and design. The doors of the mosque, which are produced with care and craftsmanship, bring the entrance to these sacred areas to a whole new level. The mosque doors, which are especially preferred as hand embroidery, are carefully prepared to be integrated with the mosque and attached to the structure. Many different designs can be mentioned among the mosque door Streetstrong> models. The wooden doors of the mosque are specially designed for long term use. There are various rumors that a mosque has been in service for about 200 years. The mosque door model, which will be designed for mosques within this scope, should also be suitable for this and be able to serve as a long-lasting service..

Mosque Door Models
Metropol Mosque Door models are prepared with the most innovative and cultural designs. In order to feel the reflection of a great culture of civilization, our masters produce a great effort and design.
…We know that mosque door production is not just a wooden door. We reflect the reflections of a great civilization on every door operator.
For those who prefer Mosque Door us 100% happy and satisfied.
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As the Metropol mosque door, we have been producing and manufacturing mosque doors from the past to the present day. It is possible to see all the reflections of this great cultural heritage on the doors of the mosque where we produce. You can reach us now for free quote and mosque doors that I have done so far with care.

production and planning

Turkey and abroad to our company engaged in the production and manufacturing production process is followed meticulously. All operations are planned before and after the work starts. Assured installation after delivery.


The dimensions of the mosque door to be constructed are taken in the first place. Then the desired model is selected. At the last stage, the designs of the desired machining processes are decided and the production stage is started.

production & patterns

Our masters draw the predetermined embroideries one by one with their superior skills. At this stage, meticulousness and preservation of culture are primarily targeted.


After all stages are completed, Metropol mosque door company takes the door to the relevant place where the installation will be performed. At this stage, our craftsmen perform the door installation and delivery is ensured.

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Manufactured in Turkey.
Turkey and Worldwide Installation To Library.
Turkey’s leading brand Metropol’s Mosque Door catch kaliyet with production and manufacturing. You can contact the mosque door models and mosque door order free of charge with great care.
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