Metropol Mosque Door Since 1980, the mosque has been producing doors and wooden embroidered doors. We process this great cultural heritage from the past to the gates.

Turkey and we established to make the best manufacturing embroidered mosque door in the world. From the day we were first established, we are constantly producing for the highest quality and best embroidered mosque doors. 

…Metropol Mosque Door in Turkey and produces the best mosque doors to the world. Produces wooden embroidered doors by strengthening with quality skill and experience.
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Our vision

Turkey and to produce the highest quality and best embroidered doors of the world.

Our Mission

Being able to transfer these architectural works, which is one of the biggest cultural heritage of the world, to the next generations without disturbing the originality.

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Mosques are the most sacred places of worship. Mosques, the most important shrine of Muslims, stand out as the places where millions of Muslims gather each day to worship. These areas, which are sacred, are special in every aspect. All the works performed in the mosques which have different architecture as of the construction are carried out as different and elaborate than usual. Different and modern designs are preferred in the interior designs of the mosques, which are built quite differently from normal structures.

Interior Design of Mosques

The construction and design of each mosque is uniquely designed and the architecture of each mosque is different. Different designs and patterns are used in each mosque with specially prepared designs. Calligraphy and decorative motifs on the walls of the mosque have a say about the mosque’s fascinating appearance. Because of the worship area, each of the carefully processed motifs are drawn symmetrically and placed in place. The mosques are opened to service as worship areas that will serve for many years with the architecture built in a way not to prevent worship.

Mosque Doors

There are differences in the doors of mosques which are used in accordance with the architecture and design. The doors of the mosque, which are produced with care and craftsmanship, bring the entrance to these sacred areas to a whole new level. The mosque doors, which are especially preferred as hand embroidery, are carefully prepared to be integrated with the mosque and attached to the structure. Many different designs can be mentioned among the mosque door Streetstrong> models. The wooden doors of the mosque are specially designed for long term use. There are various rumors that a mosque has been in service for about 200 years. In this context, the mosque door model, which will be designed for mosques, should also be suitable for this and should be able to serve as a long life. Carefully prepared mosque door models have the longest service quality in all conditions.

Wooden Mosque Door Models

When the mosque door is preferred, it is mainly directed to wooden models. Wooden door models are preferred in many mosques due to their confidence and positive contribution in all conditions. Wooden door models, which have been preferred since the earliest periods in history, can easily conform to many different shapes desired in mosques and offer a rich selection of designs. There are quite different models and designs among the wooden mosque door models which are specially designed to match the designs of the mosques.>

Mosque Doors
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Mosque Door

Kündekari Doors How To Make

Doors made with Kündekari art require precision and care. It is essential that each processing is carefully prepared and placed with care. Kündekari door models, which are prepared by using many different motifs of the period, are always among the buildings that attract attention because of their different and authentic appearance. The most precious Ottoman motifs, which are brought to life by the master hands, are embroidered on the doors and keep the centuries-old tradition alive today. The motifs of the period are designed with care and cut into pieces and the motifs are shaped individually. In this very laborious process, these parts are the elements that greatly gain the appearance of the door. These pieces, which have been prepared with careful workmanship, are then assembled on a skeleton called roof. The prepared motifs are designed to be interlaced. This ensures that each part is fixed to each other without the use of glue.

The Mystery of Kündekari Doors

The process of completion without the use of glue, known as the biggest secret in the art of Kündekari, led to the emergence of the most popular door models of the period. Each motif is fixed to each other with great care to ensure that the main lines of the door are completed. After completion of the motifs, the outline of the door is finished and the door and the door are joined together. Kündekari doors are ready for use after strengthening with protective materials. Kündekari doors, each specially designed and prepared, are very durable in terms of structure. It is especially preferred because it gives different air to mosques. This art, which is among the greatest ruins of our history, has the chance to be exhibited in all mosques.

Kündekari Mosque Door Models

Kündekari Mosque Doors Although each of these models is prepared differently in general terms, it provides the opportunity to select different models due to the use of certain patterns. Kündekari door models, which are all original designs, are prepared and presented in accordance with the designs of mosques. The known and most preferred models are; star Kündekari door model, hexagonal Kündekari door model, square Kündekari door models, hexagonal star Kündekari door models, Selçuklu Kündekari door models, hexagonal CNC Kündekari door models, carved Kündekari door models, carved Kündekari Islamic door models. Besides these; hand carved Kündekari door models, carved mosque Kündekari door models, mother of pearl inlay Kündekari door models, carved mother of pearl Kündekari door models, fine carved Kündekari door models and belted Kündekari door models are among the most suitable door models for the mosque.

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